A new beginning

I have dabbled with the idea of creating and maintaining my own website for a few years and today I made a commitment to follow through and just do it.  I intend to use this site to share my journey to become a more visual learner – developing my ability to see the world differently than I have in the past and use more visual elements in my practice as a workshop facilitator and writer.

I thought this was a great image to use as I begin this journey because it allowed me to see what the rest of the world sees when they look at me.  I took this photo as I was walking back to my hotel in Paris in the summer of 2009, after exploring some of the main tourist sites via the Metro.  One of the buildings I passed was covered with glass panels, which provided the mirror effect I captured in this photo.  It took me a few attempts before I realized that I could snap the photo without holding the camera in front of my face.  I just wish I had dropped the package before taking the photo!

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